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STFX Athletics & XREC 50/50

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Fans must be 19 years or older to play and geo-located in Nova Scotia at the time of purchase.

Please ensure location services are turned on for your phone/computer before purchasing.

How do I play?

Register a new account
Select how many tickets you would like to purchase
Follow along each week to find out if you are the lucky winner!

What is the STFX Athletics & XREC 50/50?

The program is a virtual 50/50 fundraiser established to help STFX Athletics and XREC to raise funds for our varsity and club sport teams.

Each week players will have the opportunity to activate a set of numbers (each set has three numbers) in order to win the weekly 50/50 pot. Each set of numbers costs only $5.00! On Friday of every week a number will be randomly drawn and the winner will receive 50% of the revenue from that week’s draw!

Fans must be 19 years or older to play and geo-located in Nova Scotia at the time of purchase. Please ensure location services are turned on for your phone/computer before purchasing.

Location Services

How are the funds used?

All funds raised will be used to support the following:

Varsity team enhancements, such as:

– Athletic financial awards;
– Academic support programs;
– High-performance training (nutrition, sport psychology, strength & conditioning);
– Injury prevention (specialized equipment, therapy modalities);
– Schedule enhancement (exhibition tournaments, out-of-conference games);
– Scouting and recruitment;
– Coaching development.

Club team supports, such as:

– Subsidize travel expenses;
– Equipment and uniform purchases;
– Coaching development.

Provide an opportunity for everyone to support the STFX X-Men and X-Women – Go X Go!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the team or club I select benefit from my support?

Every week that you play, a portion of your ticket purchase goes directly to the team or club you choose to support. So they benefit every week that you play. You do not have to win for your team or club to benefit from your contributions.

How do I change the team or club I’m supporting?

You can change the team or club you are supporting at anytime by clicking on “Manage Your Donations” in the dashboard menu.

On a mobile device, click the three lines in the top left corner to show the menu, then continue as above.

Select “Support all STFX Athletics”, “Varsity” or “Club”

Selecting “Varsity” or “Club” will produce drop downs so you can select the specific sport or club you wish to support.

This will remain as your selection until you change it. You can change it every time you play if you would like! You can also buy multiple strips of tickets in one raffle, and select a different sport when purchasing the additional ticket strips.

Receipts, Payment & Ticket Numbers

How do I change the credit card on my account?

Log into the game. On the left menu, you will see an option to Manage Payment Info. Follow the instructions on that page.

If you are shown an error regarding your postal code, Nova Scotia Alcohol Gaming Fuel and Tobacco requires that you are in Atlantic Canada, and using a credit card with a Nova Scotia address to play online charity raffles in the province.

Can you remove some of/all of my numbers?

StFX Athletics appreciates your support. We are sorry to see you go.

Please email and we will issue a service ticket to Causable to have your numbers deactivated from the game.

It may take a few days. We will send you a message to confirm when the numbers have been deactivated.

Where is my receipt?

Every purchase you make to play tickets in our raffles will generate an email receipt sent to the email you used to create your Causable account. The email will be from

Subject line: Thank you for playing STFX Athletics 50/50

It contains:

• The numbers you played
• Cost
• Date and time of transaction
• Date and time of the draw that the tickets are for
• Confirmation number
• Our Lottery License number

If it is not in your inbox, the email receipt may be in your promotions, junk, or spam folders.

I don’t think these extra ticket numbers belong to me?

Sometimes when players intend to play their original strip of tickets (by clicking Pay + Play beside the strip), they select “Buy more tickets” instead. This purchases a new strip of three tickets that get added to your dashboard and are assigned to you forever.

You have the option to play any strip on your dashboard, play all tickets at once, purchase new strips, or not play at all each week.

Was I charged twice?

It is possible that you played twice on draw day (Friday) – once before the draw, and again after the draw for the following week.

Check your email for your purchase receipts from past raffles you played. You can search your email for messages from “no-reply@causable” and/or for emails with the subject line “Thank you for playing STFX Athletics 50/50”. The “thank you for playing” emails are your receipts for your purchase and will show you the tickets you purchased that week.

I can't play! What's wrong?

Location Services

We’re just setting up the next draw.

If you see a person laying down bricks, don’t worry! This screen appears when it is time to draw the winning ticket for a raffle, and for a few minutes following the draw as we set up the next raffle. (or for occasional software updates)

Re-captcha (I’m not a robot) screen isn’t fully visible?

This is a known re-captcha problem that only happens occasionally on certain phones and devices.

We suggest that, if this happens on your phone, you click the headphone button to hear an audio challenge instead.

If you are still having trouble, you may want to do this step on your computer this time, and the next time you play on your phone, you may have a different re-captcha experience, or not be prompted at all.

Here is more information from Google ReCaptcha Support if you are interested.

For additional information please contact