Dramatically increase your charitable fundraising revenue

Dramatically increase your charitable fundraising revenue

What’s your fundraising strategy?

Causable’s electronic raffle technology and marketing platform provides your charitable organizations with unparalleled fundraising capacity in a secure and interactive manner.

Our mobile playing app allows anyone in your province to play your electronic raffle via their mobile phone --  expanding your raffles reach and fundraising potential.

Raise more funds for athletics

  • Afford programming
  • Attract top players
  • Purchase equipment

Try the easy calculator to see how much you could generate for your programs!

Make fundraising easier

  • For the Athletics Department and for your patrons
  • Fans participate on their phones/devices
    • Not restricted to Wifi
    • No need to have volunteers selling tickets/plays
  • Easy tracking and reporting of funds - for accuracy and compliance

Engage more patrons

  • Not restricted to attendance at events/games.
  • Patrons can play weekly, without attending the events

    Encourages patrons to play online - makes it very easy to play

    Giving vs. Gambling

    At Causable, we know that people love to participate in lotteries and raffles.

    We work with our charitable partners to leverage the enjoyment that people have with these kinds of activities but allow them to support worthwhile causes while doing so.

    By using our innovative, branded Goldrush mobile application, our clients are able to call upon their supporters and donors to support their teams by playing their electronic raffle. As such, it is much about giving as it is gambling, while at the same time having a fun and engaging experience.

    Branded Mobile App

    Logo, colors, messaging, this is your app. 

    We incorporate your school and team branding, this emphasizes the causal relationship between playing and giving with your fans.

    Technical Support

      We are here every step of the way, and one of those steps is making sure everything on the technical side running smoothly for you and your organization.

      Web & Print Design Support

        Our success is your success, we help support your marketing efforts by providing web and print assets to help you market your charity and your raffle.

        Marketing Support

          We want to see your charity grow, we want it to gain as much exposure, and collect as much revenue as possible. With that in mind we help support you with a marketing plan, advice, and best practices.

          Compliance Support

            We have the experience and know how to navigate these waters, we help you take care of the compliance so you can focus on promoting your teams and growing your revenue.

            Banking & Admin Support

              Our system and process helps your manage your day to day without being over encumbered with administerial work, once again we want you focused on what matters, marketing your program and teams and growing your revenue.

              Ready to dramatically increase your fundraising revenue?

              What is Gold Rush?

              Gold Rush is a type of ongoing raffle where you are assigned a number, this number is yours forever and is used to seed the raffle. Each week you have the option to play your number for a cost. A portion of your cost, typically 50% is added to the pot total if you choose to play. The other 50% is donated to the Athletic Department.

              Each week a random number is drawn from the pool of assigned numbers. If your number is drawn and you paid to play your number that week you win the pot amount, and the pot is reset to zero.

              If your number is drawn but you didn’t pay to play your number that week then raffle continues on and the pot continues to build up until there is a winner.

              You can be assigned and play multiple numbers each week. The more numbers and players the raffle has the bigger the pot will be.

              There is no minimum or obligation to pay to play, you can make that decision each week. However you can’t win if you don’t pay to play.

              Revenue Potential

              There are a few factors to consider that will impact your revenue potential, number of plays, price to play, how you split the pot with your players, number of text messages you send to your donors, and the number of weeks you run your games in a year.

              We have a created a calculator, pre-populated with a common scenario. Feel free to crunch your own numbers, and get an idea of your potential revenue through Causable!

              Total revenue for your organization after winners split, veriplay fees, and taxes, is approximately:



              You will be able to claim any tax that is paid, that return is based on your type of organization. In this scenario you will approximately have the following taxes to claim against:



              This revenue is generated with very little effort on your part. Once the game is set up and running it continues to tick along automatically, resetting or continuing depending on if there was winner that particular week.

              Working with Causable

              We have created a disruptive and innovative solution that will help change the way charities engage their donors. The elegance and ease of use will delight your users and drive revenues to your organization. 

              With this innovation comes technical and business complexity, to help us navigate the complexity and create this elegant experience we have partnered with best in class industry leaders for their respective fields - banking, security, identity management, and compliance.

              Along with our partnerships, our business model purposely has created an environment that promotes Causable to have a vested interest in your success, a true partnership. 

              Taking this route comes with inherent costs & overhead, but it also gives stability, peace of mind and most importantly a clear path to success for your organization and for Causable.

              We would love to work with every organization out there, but unfortunately we will limit representation in some markets to ensure optimal success for each client.

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